Max In Motion Financial Aid

Club Deadline for submissions is July 1, 2016

Max In Motion Financial Aid

Player Applications:

  1.   Beginning June 8, 2016, complete your application online using the following link:
  2.   Submit your required documents (w2's, Federal Tax Returns along with all related schedules) to your Team Manager in a sealed envelope.
  3.   Clubs must submit all required documents to the AYSA office no later than 4:00pm on Friday, July 1, 2016, so you must have all r eqired documents turned in no later than 5 pm on June 30th, 2016.
  4. Please remember you MUST TURN IN ALL DOCUMENTS or you will not be approved. W2's, Federal Tax Returns with schedules. Do not substitute, they must be copys of the originals in full.

**Please note, State Tax forms are not required this year. However, we will not accept State Tax Returns in place of Federal Tax Returns.


Once completed, submit your required documents to your team manager.  Each participating Club will then be responsible for submitting all documents to AYSA.  The deadline for club submissions is 4:00pm on Friday, July 1, 2016.  Your club may have an earlier deadline for submitting your Player Application, please contact them for verification.


Very Important:

Clubs have been instructed to only submit completed applications.  This includes W-2 forms and Federal tax return/all related schedules. If you are self-employed, Federal tax returns with all related schedules will be required and likewise, submitted to your club.  Please do not submit incomplete applications as they will be declined.


AYSA is extremely grateful to MaxInMotion® for their continued support of our sport and the children of Arizona.



About MaxInMotion® Foundation:

MaxInMotion® provides much needed financial assistance to youth sports programs for underprivileged children and for the development of programs to include special needs populations in youth sports activities.   Research shows that participation in youth sports enhances community values, interdependency, and collective responsibility.  Physical fitness prevents childhood obesity and has also been linked to reducing school dropout rates, teen pregnancy and high-risk behaviors, all of which pose tremendous consequences to our society.


MaxInMotion® has developed partnerships with other youth sports organizations, including Coyotes Charities, the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation, Phoenix Suns Charities and the Arizona Bridge to Independent Living (ABIL).  The Arizona Youth Soccer Association has established cycles for application submission, which begin each year in the late spring. Visit for more details.


MaxInMotion® was founded in memory of Max Shacknai, who embodied the ideal young athlete: passionate, hardworking, and incredibly committed to his teammates.  To learn more or to contribute visit


About Arizona Youth Soccer Association

Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) is a 501c(3) non-profit association.  AYSA is the official youth soccer association of the United States Soccer Federation and United States Youth Soccer. AYSA represents 86 Member Leagues and Clubs comprising membership of more than 43,000 registered players, coaches, referees and league administrators.  Servicing the entire state, AYSA provides recreational and competitive opportunities for players of all ages, genders and skill levels. For more information, please visit -